Hello & Welcome!!!

We created this site to share all of the news & happenings of our journey through the birth of our first children. Yes, we are finally having children, & we have twins! Twin Girls - Luz & Lauri!!! Daily, little by little, when we get a chance. We will be adding to the site - Updates, Pictures (birth pics, belly pics, nursery pics), News, Videos, Blogs, etc...

XOXOXO - L.I.L. & Carlos (Jr.)

New Parents

Super Mommy L.I.L.:

Laura Inelda Leah GonzΓ‘lez-de LeΓ³n


-Musician: Pianist & Percussionist


L.I.L.'s Instagram:


New Daddy:

Carlos de LeΓ³n Jr.

-Digital Freelancer

-Musician: Percussionist, Drummer & Educator


Carlos' Instagram: