LILtwinsies' Showers'

WOW!!! So much love from all of you!

There were 2 planned baby showers, one in the Rio Grand Valley (RGV) for Mommy & Daddy's family down south, & then one in Austin, Tx. for all of our ATX Family. Thank you to all of you that made those days so special! We really do appreciate all of your support.

We have also been really blessed with tons of support from extended family, friends, coworkers, & students! Thank you All we still can't believe it.

 Here are a few short recaps. of the two showers. There's still a lot more content, we have tons of pictures & videos still to process... Plus, L.I.L's surprise baby shower in class at DOSS Elementary!!! (coming soon)


6.28.16 Austin


5.28.16 RGV