Week 2 | July 26th-Aug 1st

The LILwinsies did so well in the Main NICU that the nurses needed to move them to the Overflow NICU = Closer to going home! (Yay!)

Throughout the week, the girls continued hitting their Doctor's goals, passed their hearing tests & the carseat tests (they looked like dolls). On Day 9, the NICU staff allowed us to spend the night together as a family in one of their courtesy rooms - all in preparation to go home.  And to our surprise, that day came sooner than later. The very next day, we got to go home! ALL 4 of us! Together, as a family, FINALLY!!!

This day was also very special, because Eirene, our 15 year old niece from Austin, finally got to meet her ONLY cousins (the day after her birthday!)!!! She had been super excited throughout the whole pregnancy/birth; she wasn't allowed into the NICU, so she only saw pictures & video of the twins from birth till that day.

What a day that was...

Week 1 | July 19th-25th

Phew what a week! From labor to going home, withOUT our newborn daughters, to spending the next few days at the hospital for "touch times". (12 hour days being spent in the NICU & family waiting areas gets exhausting!) 

It was a little tough for Super Mommy, getting discharged & going home without both of her new babies, but they were in great hands. (The NICU staff at St. David's North Austin Medical Center was/is amazing!!!)

The girls did GREAT each day in the NICU - hitting milestones, getting closer & closer to going home.

 #lateblog ;)

Day 5 in the N.I.C.U.


Luz also moved into her own open crib/bassinet! She is now able to keep her temperature warm & steady. Though, Luz's bilirubin levels were high, so she was asked to "tan" for 24 hours on the UV light (phototherapy).

Lauri made a lot of progress yesterday (7.23.16) & had passed her sister by moving into her own open crib/bassinet. But today she just relaxed & kept working up to her birth weight. She nurses very well & likes to take her sweet time on the bottle.

Day 4 in the N.I.C.U.


Lauri made a lot of progress...

She no longer needs assistance breathing! Which was such a relief to hear. Lauri had figured out how to slip the masks off & was giving her nurses lots of trouble ;). She was cleared for breastfeeding so Super Mommy L.I.L. finally got to nurse her for the first time & she's a natural. She has also been cleared to be off the heat lamp & as a result has been moved into a open crib/bassinet.

Luz continued steadily in her progress...

She's still in her Isolet as she works on maintaining her body temperature. And she is also still working back up to her birth weight by continually feeding with Mommy or breast milk via bottle. 

LILtwinsies have arrived!


Early this morning, both girls were born via C-section. Mommy is doing great she's out of Recovery & now in her Post Partum Room. The LILtwinsies are currently in the NICU. Baby A (2:15am) weighed 4lbs 1oz. & roughly 17 inches long. Baby B (2:17am) weighed 4lbs. 10 oz. & also at about 17 inches long. A- is a bit skinny & keeping her sister company as B works through some breathing issues. B- is progressing more & more, she is expected to catch up to her sister. Both sets of grandparents are here... more soon heading to NICU

-Carlos (Jr.) 3:00AM 7/19/16

Last Night!!!

We are currently at the hospital waiting for the next O.R.! Twins will be here in an hour or so!!!

-Carlos (Jr.) 1:15AM 7/19/16