Week 2 | July 26th-Aug 1st

The LILwinsies did so well in the Main NICU that the nurses needed to move them to the Overflow NICU = Closer to going home! (Yay!)

Throughout the week, the girls continued hitting their Doctor's goals, passed their hearing tests & the carseat tests (they looked like dolls). On Day 9, the NICU staff allowed us to spend the night together as a family in one of their courtesy rooms - all in preparation to go home.  And to our surprise, that day came sooner than later. The very next day, we got to go home! ALL 4 of us! Together, as a family, FINALLY!!!

This day was also very special, because Eirene, our 15 year old niece from Austin, finally got to meet her ONLY cousins (the day after her birthday!)!!! She had been super excited throughout the whole pregnancy/birth; she wasn't allowed into the NICU, so she only saw pictures & video of the twins from birth till that day.

What a day that was...

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