2320 Gracy Farms Ln. 78758

We are located about 4 mins from St. David's North, overlooking the rapidly growing area around The Domain. Stoneleigh Condominiums has been our home since 2012. We are very close to the hospital, shopping, & most importantly immediate family & friends.



Parking is very unique at our Condominium Complex. Please check, double check, & triple check your parking spot before you leave your car. Be certain that you are NOT in a "Reserved" spot. These spots are clearly marked at either the curb or on the ground in white or black painted lettering. ALL covered parking is also "RESERVED", regardless of the lack of signage. Vehicles do get routinely towed

Visitor's have a couple of choices: - VISITOR or SMALL CAR VISITOR PARKING.  We have noted all the best "Visitor Parking" spots for your visit in the PDF's & maps listed below. Please become familiar with them, as they are our biggest concern for your visit. Small Car Visitor Parking is really tight. We would recommend parking just a few extra steps away for a roomier fit.


Stoneleigh Condominiums | Visitor Parking 1 | Visitor Parking 2


Quick Drop Off Spots

If you are quickly dropping something or someone off, please note the locations marked in the last map below. Stay on the correct side of street, as there is a tight curve almost immediately in front of our building & garage area. Please utilize Emergency Lights in these locations at all times to avoid the possibility of any confusion with our neighbors. Again, this is ONLY for quick drop-offs. Please be safe & courteous.