Registries? Plural? Yup, 3 registries!? Why!? Why so many?

Well, we started our first registry at Buy Buy Baby because friends of ours, here in Austin, were using it, & we found that 95% of the items we liked are actually in stock at the store to view/test. The only problem we encountered with Buy Buy Baby is that it's currently only located in Austin, Dallas, & Houston (an RGV store is coming soon, but not by twin time). As most of our family is in South Texas (RGV), we decided to replicate the original list at Babies R'Us & Target, both of which are easily available across the valley.

Thanks to Super Mommy L.I.L.! (who powered through the better part of week to match items across the 3 stores) we now have 3 lists that are almost exactly alike.

Lately, we have been meeting more & more parents of multiples. They have very kindly offered up their experiences, tips, & favorite products- many of which are included on the lists. We are still taking suggestions, & we are always researching products. If you find an item that may not have worked for you, please contact us here at (contact info. below)

We are beginning to receive a lot of used items from friends, co-workers & clients. So we are also editing the list as we go. 

If all goes to plan, our Twinsies will be born in mid-summer (mid-July/early August). Summer = no fleece! By October (fall), they will be 3 months, just in time for the cooler temperatures in late October here in Austin. So long sleeves are welcome in sizes 3-9 months.

Listed below is all the information needed for each registry. Just click the picture to be taken to each store's Registry or Gift card page. Oh, & don't forget the Gift Receipt! (They grow up so fast!) 

XOXOXO - L.I.L. & Carlos (Jr.)





*Bed Bath & Beyond Gift card's work at Buy Buy Baby!!!